The winds outside were relentless and the anemometer had shown that they were stronger than they had been for weeks, 112mph today. The thick, concrete living unit hummed a constant hum as the resonance of the various building appendages were met. These bloody engineers, didn’t they know this would happen and how annoying it would be?

The multi-glazed windows were half as thick as the walls and provided a perfect glimpse to the outside world. Other housing units, rubble, flying debris, all were in my view.  Large chunks of stuff bounced off the walls; it was a fun game guessing what they might be.  The sky was filled with blackened clouds exploding with regular bursts of vivid reds, blues, and yellows

Breakfast had only just been prepared.  My grey porridge sat stodgily in the bowl, looking as appetising as ever.  The “Porridge-o-tron 2050” might be a couple of models down the scale, but I didn’t need anything fancier.  The end result would be pretty much the same and with milk getting more tightly rationed, flavour-wise I’m pretty sure I wasn’t losing out on anything

Work was due to start in 20 minutes.  It was only a polite amble through the tube network to get to the office so after finishing my meal, I packed my bag in preparation for the walk.  Not being late in 6 years was a good thing – I didn’t want to have to sacrifice a weeks vegetables (aubergines) just for enjoying a lie in


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  1. Dustin says:

    You should write more you’re bloody good. I enjoyed the bag of shut story particularly and the rant about the news rings especially true now. From Druss, Detritus. Actually Dustin.

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