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I dream of Game Genie

I dreamt about a crying child. I don’t know quite why the child was crying but being that it was one of my dreams, it was probably something to do with not having adequate access to computer games. Is it … Continue reading

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Cat, bag and deep water body

It’s a new garden, the lawn is in reasonable nick and there are no flowers or plants yet because we’ve just moved in.  It’s no golf course fairway but it’ll do.  My back is turned, I go to make a … Continue reading

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Kiss from a rose

I sat down and watched the last ten minutes of One Tree Hill the other day, and I cried a little bit inside. It was quite easily the worst piece of television I have ever seen, and that includes comparing … Continue reading

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Part 1, a snippet of something

The return of the vanquished is but round the corner.  Millions of the fallen all ready to rise forth and purvey their almighty vengeance upon the non believers.  How will this come about?  In what form?  They must wait, the … Continue reading

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Elephant in room

Int. Office – Day STEVE: What’s that? JACK: It’s an elephant. STEVE: Why is everybody ignoring it? It’s standing on my gym kit, and I could really do with going home in the next few minutes or so. JACK: Yeah, … Continue reading

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Boring, boring, bleeding things.

The day was carrying on with light showers outside,  the trees blowing gently in a steady westerly.  Danny stared blankly outside “That cloud looks like it isn’t going to burn up does it?  McCaskill told me it was going to … Continue reading

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Hello World! Where have you gone?

I awake in an unfamiliar house and fall off my bed. I’ve got a t-shirt on and some loose fitting trousers. It is deathly quiet outside, like civilisation has ended. There is a deer looking in to the house through … Continue reading

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The Devil’s in the detail and nostalgia is evil

The joy in doing anything is doing it to the best of your ability. Corners are easy to cut, especially in this age of spell checking and hired help. Doing this ‘blog’ will probably take me longer than I should … Continue reading

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Consumer Unit

I spend a lot of time daydreaming. Often about whimsical beasts, coitus and if there is something deeply buried in my past that is going to lead to an unavoidable closet-escaping moment in later life. I’d rather just get it … Continue reading

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The cat. In the fucking hat.

Let’s begin where it all begins, the start of any beginning, the portal to any story or journey.  Lets enter the word fortress from the lexicographic portcullis.  Now the story ends.  The end of the tale, the reader now evacuated from … Continue reading

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