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On the subject of Video Games, or Computer Games, or whatever you want to call them. Games done with computers.


I was 12ish, me and my family I had an Amiga 500 (not 500+, not 600, and certainly not 1200), Xenon had been played to death and Menace just got impossible.  I was impatient!  Gaming was far more creative back … Continue reading

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Hello World! Where have you gone?

I awake in an unfamiliar house and fall off my bed. I’ve got a t-shirt on and some loose fitting trousers. It is deathly quiet outside, like civilisation has ended. There is a deer looking in to the house through … Continue reading

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Consumer Unit

I spend a lot of time daydreaming. Often about whimsical beasts, coitus and if there is something deeply buried in my past that is going to lead to an unavoidable closet-escaping moment in later life. I’d rather just get it … Continue reading

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A gentle nudge on Society’s arse cheek

I just need to write, really. An exercise in creative outpouring. No reason other than expressing myself in words strung together to be reinterpreted by other folk at other junctions in their life and the world. Hopefully the people that … Continue reading

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