Half A Sack of, Whatever This Is

I opened it up.  It contained what can only be described as indiscriminate “stuff”.  There appeared to be small shiny balls of effervescence.  They shimmered as the external light hit them.  These spheres were in amongst a brown and green mess of matted plant like material which was fibrous yet wet to the touch, not unpleasant but certainly not something I’d happily finger all day long.  The stench of it emanated strongly through the opening, and at times overwhelmed.

As my hand pushed in deeper, I felt the arced softness of yellow, boomerang shaped entity. Smeared in the mud-like mess, it’s sweet smell mixed with the filthy earthen muck.  It somehow softened the impact to my nasal stimulation.  I feel I could have eaten one of these had its smothering sack partner been more pleasing to the nose.

There can’t have been much more in here.  The receptacle itself wasn’t that big. After feeling right through the middle, I moved to the side and hit upon something that was surely not of this world.  Everything was caked in the foul, odorous paste.  This was no different. There was only one, it was rectangular in shape but deep. About 7 centimeters deep.  It was as big as a VHS (if you can remember them!), but seemed partitioned in thin, wafer like flaps.  The outer of these flaps were hardened equivalents of the inner ones, and colorful, with pictures and letters arranged in a very deliberate fashion.  The picture on the front was very alluring, and instantly decided to judge the rest of this artifacts exploration by what was here.  As I thumbed through the leaves, each were covered in many words, all structured in a seemingly logical fashion with hundreds on each side.  This bamboozled me, and I proceeded to place it gently back in the sack.

I spent the next 20 minutes making sure I hadn’t missed anything.  I hadn’t.  That was it. This fabric container of mystery to be forever a memory of something special.  Until my aunt came to visit.  She found it the next day in my bedroom and promptly advised me it was a bag full of shit, a banana, some fucking marbles and a book.  She threw the bastard out.

You live and learn.

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