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Political and social issues spewed out in a manner of forms. More often than not reactionary, not based on fact (just opinion) and purely biased, providing excellent therapy for a mind fed up of the swathes of medicroty and vapid guff profused throughout the media and the socially acceptable news carriers in the world.

Doing A Small Blog

This is an attempt to see how easy it is to write a blog on a mobile phone. Incidentally, I am also having a shit, but don’t let that stop you reading on. I don’t really have much to write … Continue reading

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An Englishman’s home is his castle. Or so they say. Of the available definitions for castle (source: I am (personally) mostly taken by ‘A strongly fortified, permanently garrisoned stronghold’. In this regard an Englishman’s home is not literally his … Continue reading

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Zombies, yeah!

Zombie, zombie, zombie! Zombie-tastic! Zombie-licious! Zombie-rama! The Zombiemeister! Zombie-riffic! I do enjoy the presence of zombies in films, be they the tear-arsing sprint bastards on 28 Days Later or the dullfully incompetent and slow brain-eaters in any of Romero’s back … Continue reading

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Camberwick Green

Isn’t that made of people? Barring confused book/kid’s TV references, what other subjects did I think about as potential blog-mines?  “Daft Punk” was one, maybe the first, I wasn’t really keeping track.  Absoloutley no lifespan in that one, gave up … Continue reading

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Kiss from a rose

I sat down and watched the last ten minutes of One Tree Hill the other day, and I cried a little bit inside. It was quite easily the worst piece of television I have ever seen, and that includes comparing … Continue reading

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The Devil’s in the detail and nostalgia is evil

The joy in doing anything is doing it to the best of your ability. Corners are easy to cut, especially in this age of spell checking and hired help. Doing this ‘blog’ will probably take me longer than I should … Continue reading

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Consumer Unit

I spend a lot of time daydreaming. Often about whimsical beasts, coitus and if there is something deeply buried in my past that is going to lead to an unavoidable closet-escaping moment in later life. I’d rather just get it … Continue reading

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