The Devil’s in the detail and nostalgia is evil

The joy in doing anything is doing it to the best of your ability. Corners are easy to cut, especially in this age of spell checking and hired help. Doing this ‘blog’ will probably take me longer than I should spend on something as unimportant and futile as this. I have now looked through this a number of times before arriving at this, the finished article. Even so, I could’ve continued chopping and changing until I just got bored and put it straight in the ‘trash’. I will, though, and did (as you can now see), get to a point where I had had enough of checking, amending, reading and analysing until realising that only a couple of people (all of which i would probably know) would acknowledge this and that any changes made would be moot and wasted. The result is, however, a piece of my mind imparted on the interweb that I still think is a bit dull, is certainly not a life changing word creation and could probably contain longer words with more articulation to get it closer to what i was actually intending. That said, when I started, I didn’t really know what I was intending.

Despite not having a specific reason for this particular item, I do have a reason for noting this shit. It is purely for me. The aim of this is to come back in 6 years time (assuming I haven’t been mown down by a 14 year old driving a tractor) and see what I was expelling through my fingers via my arm nerves and brain, on or around the dates marked above. Then, maybe, I can look at this and invoke some memories. Much like we do with photographs.

We all take pictures for memories. We choose to look at these at moments when we want to nostalge (?). We go back to these when we want to see how much younger we looked and when we want to remember what we used to do and how much fun we had. Why not do the same with words? This is a diary, not directly noting emotional state but noting trains of thought. I’m quite looking forward to coming back to this in some time and wondering what the Christ made me write that, was it just boredom or the need to fill some cyberspace because I can and it is/was cheap!

These diatribes/conversations/internal ramblings will be sprung forth in the weeks to come with my more articualte sibling talking about one thing and then me another. I’m sure some will be interesting and some not. I’m sure some will be relevant and bring back memories. Others will just be there because we’d made an agreement to do one a day between us and we just felt the need to write something. Whatever happens, i won’t delete any of them and I hope they will still be here to read in 15 years time. Maybe, if I have kids, I can show them and they will look at me funny, climb back into their 3D hover cars and head off to space school, wondering what ‘wacky old dad’ was up to when he didn’t have kids.

May we all live on through the joy of digital photography, hard drive stored pictures of frolicking on the beach and the headshit that falls out from time to time that is imparted on cyber-paper. We no longer have to write anything down or even get photos developed, we can store them all electronically. A library of nostalgia and information at our fingertips. What would happen if all of the electricity ran out? I have no fucking idea, and I don’t really want to know…

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  1. Margherita says:

    It’s been 6 years since this post and I am pleased that you haven’t been mown down by a 14 year old driving a tractor.
    I also hope you have had kids since so you can show them this and they can look at you funny.

    Well done!

    Ps. just clicked on the link in your twitter bio and randomly picked this post to read

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