Doing A Small Blog

This is an attempt to see how easy it is to write a blog on a mobile phone. Incidentally, I am also having a shit, but don’t let that stop you reading on.

I don’t really have much to write about at the minute but would like to add that the ‘keyboard’ on this phone is a pain in the bell-end to operate. I don’t have fat fingers and my spelling is usually better than mediocre, so for any typo’s I am laying the blame solely on my keyboard. And my lack of patience to go back and correct. The grammar and lexicography, however, will be my own creation and will be unable to blame anyone but myself no matter how much I want to point the finger at Thatcher, the right wing media or my old art teacher Mr ‘probably long dead, bless him‘ Bennett.

The auto correct options appear to be going well, they are currently being underlined in green as I go along. It appears fairly intuitive and suppose it keeps track of the history and trail of words I have used before. I know that I sometimes expect the said auto correct to read my mind. “Obviously the word catamaran doesn’t make sense there you fucking machine, it was clearly supposed to be pustule!” Once again, my phone is yet to be sentient, have ESP and be able to understand how to construct a sentence in the exact same manner as myself. I suspect without Steve Jobs larking about, these particular ‘apps’ may be a few years off.

Right, time to stand up and do the usual before venturing back to the front room to watch some mindless Christmas linked afternoon TV. If I happen across any of the Loose Women, I will put my fist through the fucking screen.

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