C’est diabolique

What’s the problem with the modern world?  The fact that there is so much information out there available to everyone, idiots and all.  I’d like to write this in a constructive and measured manner, but since this is a ‘blog’, you are allowed to spout uneducated and appallingly ‘investigated’ gob tripe around the Internet, spreading your ignorant word-seed like a particularly bitey, flea infested black plague rat in London town.  That, therefore, is how I will write, with a knowing ‘wink’ acknowledging the fact i am expressing an extreme view.

I don’t have any examples, merely internal anecdotes, thoughts and woolly memories on stories announced and regurgitated by individuals claiming to be fact.  What they are doing however is not ejaculating ‘fact’, but parroting opinion.  Take 5 live for example, a plethora of shouty folk ‘banging on’ about some local, one off injustice that then fuels the fire for a change in the law of the land.  One swallow does not a summer make, and one paedophile does not a child abuse epidemic make.

Television and the regular press are in it for the ‘headline’, the ‘soundbite’, the story of the moment.  Even the BBC does it. Gone are the days of proper investigative journalism and in come the formulaic headline mongers, prioritising the hot topic of the day and usually tenuously linking with another in order to create ‘Breaking News’.  Breaking FUCKING news.

It must just be age on my part but I can barely watch a news program that doesn’t have a celebrity news item in the headlines (again, BBC included) or doesn’t involve a story involving a child.  Emotive, shallow, inconsequential and formulaic news drivel.  News shouldn’t be about the headline, it should be about it’s importance.  It SHOULD be boring.

Huw?  Stop banging on about who is favourite in the X Factor, stop Welshing on about who dances bestest of all on Strictly.  Most of all George Alagiah, I don’t care that Ashely Cole has been caught boinking a Geordie, attention seeking hair dresser.  Fuck them all and fuck you for selling yourself out to the lowest denominator.

News?  Take a couple of weeks off, take a long hard look at yourself and come back when you’ve got your act together.

BREAKING NEWS – Shit happens!

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