I dream of Game Genie

I dreamt about a crying child. I don’t know quite why the child was crying but being that it was one of my dreams, it was probably something to do with not having adequate access to computer games.

Is it perfectly acceptable to interpret your own dreams from what you know about yourself, than what you know about the supposed universal imagery of dreams? What is wrong with applying a bit of rational thought to a predominantly chemical problem, rather than relying on, for example, an internet search – which no doubt assumes a base level of sociological conditioning?

I dreamt about a large pig chasing me through a mulched path in the woods. I turned to the pig and looked it in the eyes, and the pig stopped. What does it all mean? Probably that I was looking forward to a rather large bacon sandwich in the morning, and I wouldn’t be daunted by the size of the bread or the consistency of the crust. Yum.

Are there enough people in the world to solve all of life’s problems? Are all of life’s problems actually important enough to try and solve?

On the meaning of dreams – if we are lucky enough to remember them – just enjoy them. It’s a rare moment where what you do actually DOESN’T matter.

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