Part 1, a snippet of something

The return of the vanquished is but round the corner.  Millions of the fallen all ready to rise forth and purvey their almighty vengeance upon the non believers.  How will this come about?  In what form?  They must wait, the time is nearly here.

The signs were appearing, the prophecies foretold in Elmarin’s works 350 years ago being checked off like a cosmic, fatalistic shopping list.  The timescales, however, didn’t seem to tie in.  “The Return Of The Punished, A Divination” predicted 14 seperate events that took place in a set sequence over the period of 1,200 years the first of which was the two suns turning blue.  “Both the sun that sits in the sky the longest and the sun that sets the first shall appear an azure blue for 14 and 6 cycles each in turn“.  The two stars in this binary system were circled by 16 seperate planets and planetoids one of which, the homeworld, was called by it’s residents “Fumera”.  The celestial twins are themselves named as “The Short” and “The Long”, The Short being the closest star and The Long being the furthest away, as their names suggest.  It so occured that from the 14th to the 28th of the 3rd month in the year 84,236 K the two celestial bodies persisted in the sky, in the normal cycle, an azure blue, an intense, serene and perfect blue.  This is when it all seemed sinister, this is when it began.

Not 3 years later, the 2nd event occured.  The earth split in two “…and then, in the time the seasons pass a further 404 cycles, the ground shall split apart, spewing forth the entrails of the planet in a manner not seen in man’s time of civilization.  The indelible scar will not heal and remain a mark on the landscape until the god’s know when“.  This, the second event, occured as indicated in the book, word for word, but to the confusion of the soothsayers and believers proved inconsistent with the date mentioned in Elmarin’s tome.  It occured 3 years after the first event, not 101 as prediced (4 seasons in a year, 404 cycles equals 101 years).  Where scheduled panic and build up to the finale was in place, discord and bewilderment became rife.  The coming of the second event 98 years early caused all hell to break loose.

(to be continued…. when i can think of another 12 events…)

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