An exercise in self indulgence

I am me, and in the sickly sweet words as presented by Colin Firth in the beautifully presented but otherwise largely insubstantial motion picture ‘The Kings Speech’ – I HAVE A VOICE.

Whether you are listening or not is purely at your own discretion, of course, but nevertheless I will continue to talk.



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  1. James Wright says:

    First go at this ‘blogging’ lark eh? I had a go once. Wasn’t too impressed with my musing/s. Didn’t think i could keep my attention span up long enough… I may just reply to yours instead. It is “easier to criticise than it is to create” as I’m sure someone has alluded to before. Probably not, but you can use it if you want.

    Peace and some, misdirected love
    x x

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